Thursday, July 9, 2015

The magic

- What is the magic?

"Magic" is a word that everybody knows, but it's difficult to define. Anyway, we can say that the magic is an art, a lifestyle, it's  conjuring. The magic makes possible the impossible in a way that always surprise us.

We can classify the magic in 3 big groups:

Close up magic
Everybody starts doing magic with this kind of magic. We do it for a small group of public. The magician sits down and he has the audience around him. It's an intense and amazing kind of magic, keeping in mind the big proximity of the public. If we do it correctly, we can see amazing results.

Juan Tamariz, a man who works as a close up magician, specially the magic with cards, it's considerated the best magician of the world with close up magic, after winning The first prize of magic with cards in the world (Paris, 1973)

Inside the close up magic, we can find 2 types of tricks:

- Magic with cards: These are the tricks which are made with cards. There are 2 types of deck of cards: the spanish deck, and the french deck, that it's called Pocker deck too.

- Magic with small objects: We do this kind of magic with small objects, for example dice, coins, thimbles, safety pins,...

Hall magic
It's a magic show where we do magic for more public, until 100 people. The magician stands and he/she has the public in front of him/her. This kind of magic is done on restaurants, hotels, ... 

Stage magic
Is the magic show which only can be made in big theatres. Inside Stage magic, we can find different specialitys:

- General magic: this is the classic magic. Here, we do typical tricks of the world of magic, for exemple: appear doves, cut and repair a string, do tricks with a handkerchief, ...

- Big illusions: This is the most spectacular and visual kind of magic. It's make with big devices and we can see appearances and disappearances of people and animals, big boxes for break people in half or pierce them with swords.

- Escapism: The magician try to escape to straitjackets, cords, chains, handcuffs, ...

- Handling: This is one of the most difficult speciality. It consists in quick and artistic appearances and disappearances of cards, balls, coins,...

- Specialitys that they aren't magic
There are some specialities that aren't magic, but they are related to it. Usually, magicians combine their shows with one of them. 

- Hypnosis
- Ventriloquism
- Circus performance
- Shadow play